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We are Scultor Artists




Love… What is love for you?
I am sure that each of your answers will be unique, full of deep, incredible, joyful memories of a past life.
More of that, the most important cycles of our life are connected with Love: mother’s lullaby, the first childhood love and disappointment, love that grows into married life, the thrill of the long-awaited firstborn, which gives rise to family traditions and continues the memory of generations.
What could be more valuable than the memory of ancestors and family traditions that are passed down from generation to generation???
The love of my ancestors gave me Ukrainian roots and a passion for art, which was passed on to me in the memories of my grandfather, who was a famous master wood carver and sculptor.
Studying at the University of Arts, acting skills, thirst for learning and new creative pursuits lead me in an incredible way to the American continent, where meeting the love of my life created the “Art of Love” Studio.
“Art of Love” Studio for me is the ability to create and preserve the most important events of your life for future generations…


Our Goal

To offer the opportunity at everyone in Miami Dade, Broward & Palm Beach Counties an artistic and unique body casts that will immortalize memories  (marriage, pregnancy, birth, birthday, etc..)

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Our Values