What a gorgeous lasting reminder of your wedding your hands with your rings cast!


Weddings / Civil Unions

Celebrate the joining of two hearts in partnership with a unique record of the day you shared your commitment to each other with family and friends. A treasure to look back on each anniversary of your special day; holding hands, as you looked into the future together.

We all want love to last forever, so what could make a more perfect and romantic gift for the one you love than a life cast sculpture, capturing in exquisite detail a moment in your own history?

At Art of Love statue of you and your beloved will turn a precious moment in time into an heirloom you will always cherish.

It maybe an usual experience but when your hugely in love with someone, even the act of dunking your hands into goo together is a memorable and incredibly romantic. experience. There is usually no need to remove your jewelry. Your rings can often be safely cast along with you, making your finished sculpture even more personal to you and your loved ones.

Here at Art of Love, we are offering an unique service whereby we visit you on your wedding day and create a 3d entwined hand cast.

How does it work?

You simply plan for a 20 minute time slot at the most appropriate time in your big day and i will come along and take the cast. You can either do this in private or in front of your guests. 

Prices start from as little as $290 depending on location.

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