What a gorgeous lasting reminder of your pregnancy with a pregnancy belly cast!

Pregnancy belly bowl with breasts and shoulders

"A Mother and her Baby. What a beautiful thing!"


Belly bowl$250
Belly and breasts$380
Belly, breasts, and shoulders$495
With hand, additional$90 each
With partial face, additional$125
Finish cast :                      (White/Gold/Bronze/Silver)$45
Artwork : contact us for quote                                    

What happens during a session ?

For the realization of the molding of the rounded belly of the mother (from the 7th month of pregnancy preferably), I go to the comfort and the intimacy of the house of the mother. The latter will have to take care to choose a comfortable chair / armchair on which she can spend the time necessary for the molding.

Your partner, family member or friend can also join in on the casting process. It’s a lot of fun!

I then proceed to cast the entire bust (unless otherwise requested). It is important to have old clothes in your possession  because Vaseline cream and plaster can stain and damage the fabrics. Nudity should in no way be an obstacle to his project. I can mold through light clothing!The materials that I use for the molding are obviously safe for the mother and the baby. The technique is completely painless. It will take approximately 45 to 60 minutes to complete the complete molding of your belly.. The delivery of the cast takes place within 3 to 5 weeks after the impression is taken, depending on the drying of the cast.

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