Preserve one of your beautiful family moments forever!

Pets & Making Memories

Impressive Pets…capturing memories with our furry families

Dogs, cats, horses are  man’s best friend. You can plan a life cast of your pets paw print and display it in your home as a cherished keepsake! Capture your special friend’s unique paw impression and have it turned into a beautiful 3D cast to create a memory and keepsake that will lforever.   “Similar to baby hand and feet casting, we  use completely safe and non-harmful seaweed based product  which will capture the amazing detail of your furry friend’s paw.” 

Dog casts:

1 Paw freestanding    $160
2 Paws freestanding  $280
Additional casts          $120 each
1 Paw framed with photo     $320
​2 Paws framed with photo   $440                                                                Base wood with plate  $65

Cat casts:

1 Paw freestanding    $120
2 Paws freestanding  $220
Additional casts          $90 each
​1 Paw framed with photo    $280
​2 Paws framed with             $380                                                                  Base wood with plate  $65

All other pets : ask us for quote

What our happy customers have said about us 🙂

“I was planning to gift my momdad with something that would remain throughout lifetime to celebrate their 40 years of togetherness. And suddenly I saw Art of Love on facebook. One look at the page and it clicked, this is it 😃. I contacted Oksana and talked to her, she gave me ideas and options that could be done. Brought my momdad as a surprise to her place, and like a magic the casting was done. The output that came out was beautiful 😍❤️. It was the best gift that I could give it to my momdad and not just for them but for us as well. The ashirwad hand cast and together forever will always be with us. Thank you so much Oksana for making it memorable. I really appreciate the hard work you have put into making it lively. I highly recommend it for the couple and oldies, if you are looking for a gift for your loved one or family… this is the art piece you should go for it ❤️❤️❤️”