Because we know our hand sculpture have a huge impact

In the last moments of life, sick people are often destitute, beyond physical and medical needs, the presence of family and loved ones, such as helping them to reread their story, allay their fears and support them in research of meaning. Sealing the hands of a loved one with a sculpture helps the meaning of life through transmission. Because we know our hand sculpture have a huge impact, the owners of Art of Love, donate hand sculptures a parent being in financial need with a dying child and to people with critically ill family members.

Children continue to be killed, wounded and deeply traumatized by the violence all around them. Many have seen things no child should ever see. Their homes have been hit. Their schools have been attacked, along with all the systems that could help them survive. Families are terrified, in shock, and desperate for safety. We are also very involved in this cause because Oksana is Ukrainian, we donate 5% of the Sales to Support Ukraine.

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